OCAIHA / OCASSP Joint Zoom Breakfast

Join us for a Joint Zoom Breakfast with OCIAC, OC SHIELD, and the Fusion Center: 


The landscape of domestic and international terrorist threats have changed in recent decades, and threats to communities and businesses are evolving and dynamic. This presentation will introduce attendees to the Orange County Intelligence Assessment Center (OCIAC) and the local Fusion Center, providing a history and overview of OCIAC’s activities.  Attendees will also learn how to become part of the information exchange network to stay abreast of the latest threats and trends involving a multitude of security and cybersecurity threats.  




The OCIAC is a collaborative effort of multiple local and federal agencies that provide resources, expertise, and information to detect, prevent, and respond to criminal and terroristic activity.  OC SHIELD is a public/private sector partnership engaged in networking and information exchange to enhance security, safety and the quality of life in Orange County. Read more about the organization at https://ociac.ca.gov



Marissa Cobb is the Supervisory Senior Intelligence Analyst at the OCIAC. Marissa is a former US Army Intelligence Analyst who has supported various counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism missions within the Special Operations community. Marissa has a background in cyber-security as a member of joint federal cyber task force.