Chapter Officers

The Orange County ASSP is governed by an Executive Committee comprised of chapter volunteers and operates under Chapter By-Laws approved by the ASSP. Chapter officers and board members are elected or appointed to one-year terms. See our chapter’s Long-Range Plan. All members are encouraged to volunteer for board or committee positions.

Use the Contact Us page to email the chapter leadership team.

  • President
    Brian Nguyen, MISE, CSP, AEP, ARM
  • President Elect
    Carolyn Oakes, CSP
  • Treasurer
    Art Pedroza
  • Secretary
    Jesse Vargas, CSP
  • Program Chair
    Bob Howarth, MS, CSP
  • Membership Chair
    Bhavika Lodhia, MPH, RSO, CSHM
  • Communications and Website
    Danni Acevedo
  • Careers / Jobs Placement
    Royce Hossler, CSP
  • Mentorship Chair
    Eric Brown, DrPH, CSP, CIH
  • Awards & Honors
    Phillip Combest, CSP, ARM, ALCM
  • Government Affairs
    Rich Warner, CIH, CSP
  • Member-at-Large
  • Advisor
    Georgette Quinn, OHST
  • Advisor
    Teddi Penewell, CSP, CIT
  • Advisor
    Azza Carmona, ARM, MPH, CSP, CIH