2017-2008 Student Chapter Board Members

Aug 23, 2017

Jesus Lozano- President

I hope this message finds you well. My name is Jesus Lozano and I’d like to introduce myself as your new 2017-2018 ASSE Student Section President for the upcoming academic year. I am currently a senior at Cal State Fullerton studying Health Science with a concentration in Environmental Health and Occupational Safety. Being part of the Titan Community has to do a lot with get involved and expanding your network. With over 300 clubs on campus to be a part of many students can find a resource of friends and family. Over the years, I have seen ASSE provide be that source of professionalism, friendships and networking. With the academic semester almost in session it is critical to develop and implement a club that works for the students/ members. Your fellow board members and I have been working very hard to make sure we give you, yet another great semester. I am looking forward to serve as your ASSE Student Section President and meet all of you! Thank you for your time and I look forward to working with you all.

Sammy Voong- Vice President

My name is Sammy Voong and I am currently a fifth-year student at CSUF. My career goal is to become a safety specialist. In the next two years, I want to apply for the registered environmental health specialist program. I decided to join ASSE because I was unclear with the steps to become a safety specialist. Besides, I want to get informed about my profession, to develop connections with professionals, and to improve leadership skills. Some of my goals I set for myself are to improve ASSE are to raise awareness About ASSP on campus and to bring in new members.

Lindsey Baldwin- Secretary

My name is Lindsey Baldwin and I am heading into my Senior year as an Undergrad at California State University, Fullerton. I am currently studying Health Science with a track in Environmental Health and Occupational Safety. Learning about the interactions between the environment and the population is my passion and I hope to gain experience, skills and knowledge to reach my goal to become an Environmental Health Specialist. By making sure facilities and companies are meeting current regulations, my career plan of an Environmental Health Specialist is what I want to accomplish. I decided to join ASSE because environmental health is greatly recognized and appreciated in this organization, and I believe they can guide me towards the right direction. ASSE has the right connections and tools that I need in order to achieve the career path I want.

Being the Secretary for CSUF ASSE, I want to make sure I am up-to-date on everything we have discussed as a team, and I also want to be involved in activities and meetings we have planned. My main goal with ASSE is to put myself out there and connect with others that not only have the same interests as me. 

Danny Nguyen- Historian

Hello, my name is Danny Nguyen and I am a 5th year at CSUF. I am majoring in Health Science with a track in Environmental Health and Safety. I have aspirations to become a Registered Environmental Health and Safety Specialist in the near future. I joined ASSE to open up my network and to meet others who have interests in the world of safety.

My goals would be to have the organization reach out further to the CSUF student body. The reason is that the organization lacks the public relations/advertisement aspect with our campus and only a few students know about us.