Environmental, Health and Safety Technician: Orange and LA

Jun 17, 2020

Job Responsibilities:

 General knowledge of environmental health and safety or industrial hygiene concepts and principles

  • Arrive on time, on site prepared and ready to work. Locations will, primarily vary throughout the greater LA and Orange County area.
  • Ability to operate or have experience with special field apparatus for sampling and measuring data from industrial establishments
  • Assess environmental and occupational health and safety hazards
  • Identify and verbally inform multiple individuals of compliance deficiencies, risks, and improvement opportunities through the performance of audits and inspections
  • Communicate with all levels of an organization
  • Participate in process improvement activities and manage actions to completion


Qualifications and Background:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in environmental or occupational health and safety, science, or related background
  • Ability to take direction and execute tasks as explained
  • Possess critical thinking skills and ability to pivot quickly to solve unforeseen obstacles
  • Strong communication, teamwork, analysis, judgment, and customer service skills
  • Responsive, reliable, punctual, and assertive
  • Must exhibit good attention to detail and a strong work ethic
  • Quick learner and able to digest and implement subject matter and directives


Company: A-Tech Consulting 

If interested, please contact Marty Kimble at Marty@atechinc.net