Senior Safety Specialist – County of Orange


$34.82 – $46.92 Hourly    $2,785.60 – $3,753.60 Biweekly    $6,035.47 – $8,132.80 Monthly  

$72,425.60 – $97,593.60 Annually

ISSUE DATE: 03/02/21



Senior Safety Specialist

In addition to performance-based merit increases, this position is scheduled to receive salary range increases on the following dates:

Effective July 2, 2021 – 2.5% increase

Effective July 1, 2022 – 3.5% increase

Mandatory Employee Retirement Contributions will decrease on the following dates:

                                                                    Effective July 2, 2021 – 1.2% decrease                                  

Salary may be negotiable within the range listed above, based on position requirements and successful candidate’s qualifications, subject to appropriate authorization.


This recruitment is being held to establish an open to the public eligible list to fill current and future Senior Safety Specialist positions. This recruitment may also be used to fill positions in similar and/or lower level classifications throughout the County of Orange.

DEADLINE TO APPLY The recruitment will close on Tuesday, March 16, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. (PST). Qualified applicants are encouraged to apply immediately.


The County of Orange is a regional service provider and planning agency whose core businesses include public safety, public health, environmental protection, regional planning, public assistance, social services and aviation. Click here for more information.


The County of Orange, Office of Risk Management is part of the County Executive Office (CEO). The Office preserves and protects the human and capital assets of the County of Orange to allow County departments and agencies to meet their missions without unnecessary cost. It operates as an “insurance company” for the County of Orange and manages numerous programs. The Safety and Loss Prevention Program strives to ensure a safe environment for County employees and members of the public who visit County facilities and receive County services. Safety staff work to support efforts to ensure that all state and federal requirements are met or exceeded.


The Risk Management Office seeks an experienced Senior Safety Specialist professional who has the drive to learn, take initiative, and has enthusiasm for changing culture. The Senior Safety Specialist will possess deeper technical skills than expected of a Safety Specialist and is expected to conduct advanced level project-related work.

Primary responsibilities may include the following:

 Act as the primary liaison for the County’s safety division in proactively managing and implementing countywide initiatives to maintain compliance with regulatory and county safety standards

 Lead and coordinate the roll-out/implementation of assigned countywide safety projects or tasks such as enterprise database systems, contractor safety programs, Americans with Disability Act Title II initiatives, training development and Industrial Hygiene programs.

Conduct complex safety assessments, including for high hazard activities

Review, develop and update the countywide safety plans and programs, safety policies and procedures

Analyze data to evaluate and track trends, program effectiveness, root-causes and identifies opportunities for improvement

Collaborate and analyze organizational needs to improve and address gaps in training and safety courses, designing relevant content and developing measurable training strategies and delivery methods using latest learning theories Provide assistance leading safety program audit teams

Assist in training and mentoring Safety Specialists


Although not required, candidates who possess Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH), Associate Safety Professional (ASP), or a Certified Safety Professionals (CSP) certification(s) will be highly desirable. In addition to the minimum qualifications, the ideal candidate will also possess thorough knowledge of and experience in the following core competencies:

Technical Experience | Technical Knowledge

 Federal, state, and local occupational safety rules, regulations, standards and guidelines

(e.g. Occupational Safety and Health Administration [OSHA], National Fire Protection

Association [NFPA], American National Standards Institute [ANSI], National Institute for

Occupational Safety and Health [NIOSH])

 Complex or sophisticated safety principles in one or more high hazard industry subjects (such as lock-out/tag-out, confined space entry, machine guarding and other high hazard industry subjects)

Adult learning principles and techniques for developing training materials, aids and safety standards

Trends and innovations related to workplace safety programs

Functions of governmental agencies and their roles pertaining to safety regulations and standards

Safety principles, practices and procedures

Loss control methods, principles and techniques

Investigative techniques such as root cause analysis (RCA)

OSHA, Cal/OSHA, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and related governmental codes and regulations

Accident investigation techniques; accident/incident recordkeeping techniques

Instructional program design, principles and techniques

Technologies as they relate to safety programs

Techniques for gathering, compiling, auditing, analyzing and presenting information verbally and in writing

Safety, health and environmental compliance

Mathematical calculations; statistical analysis; report preparation

Use current technologies to create graphics, present ideas and arguments, and data to support recommendations

Establish and maintain effective recordkeeping systems

Travel to locations within the County or to other jurisdictions using county-approved means of transportation as required for some assignments

Office practices, procedures and equipment, including computers and applicable software applications such as word processing, spreadsheets and databases

Strategic Planning | Analytical Skills

Conduct needs assessment, analyze data and/or situations, draw from logical conclusions and recommend effective courses of action

Perform quantitative and qualitative analysis, including financial analysis as it relates to injury and illness costs

Write full reports using logical approaches to gathering data, analyzing information, presenting problems and recommending solutions

Read, analyze, interpret and apply more complex safety regulations, standards and requirements

Perform job functions independently, objectively and within set timeframes

Conduct inspections and identify hazardous conditions; perform RCA

Identify areas of particular risk and develop programs to reduce risk

Skilled at program auditing processes

Project management

Relationship Building | Interpersonal Skills

 Identifying with the larger organizational team and the role required; sharing resources, responding to requests from other parts of the organization, and supporting the agency’s agenda

 Establish and maintain effective working relationships; work with others to find mutually agreeable solutions to problems; use persuasion, influence and diplomacy to obtain cooperation and reach mutually agreeable objectives

Leadership Skills

Techniques and characteristics to lead a group of individuals

Developing and building teams

Coaching, developing and instructing

Understand individual strengths/roles

Promote positivity and “can do” attitude to achieve common goals

Share knowledge and respect the knowledge of others to meet team and department goals

Oral | Written Communication Skills

 Organizing and delivering public presentations that effectively inform or persuade diverse audiences. Summarizing and presenting information to management or a “non-technical” audience both verbally and in written form

Effectively communicate in English orally and in writing, including the ability to communicate technical information in a clear and understandable manner

Writing clearly and concisely and demonstrating proofreading and editing skills, composing informative memos, e-mails, formal correspondence, reports, and other documents


Click here to learn more about the minimum qualifications and the physical & mental requirements as well as the environmental & working conditions for the Senior Safety Specialist.

License Required

Possession of a valid California Driver’s License, Class C or higher will be required at time of appointment and must be maintained throughout employment.


Application Screening (Refer/Non-Refer)

Human Resource Services (HRS) will screen all applications and supplemental responses for the minimum qualifications. After the initial screening, qualified applicants will be referred to the next step of the selection process. All applicants will be notified via email of their status in the process.

Structured Oral Interview | Oral Exam (Weighted 100%)

Candidates will be interviewed and rated by a panel of subject matter experts. Each candidate’s ting will be based on responses to a series of structured questions designed to elicit the candidate’s qualifications for the job. Only the most successful candidates will be placed on the eligible list.

Eligible List

Once the assessment has been completed, HRS will establish an eligible list of candidates. Candidates placed on the eligible list may be referred to a selection interview to be considered for present and future vacancies.

Based on the Department’s needs, the selection procedures listed above may be modified. All candidates will be notified of any changes in the selection procedure.

Please note: The information you provide on your application and/or response to the supplemental questions may be used as a scoring device, so please be thorough and complete in your response. “See Resume” is not a qualifying response and will not be scored in lieu of the required information.



Email is the primary form of notification during the recruitment process. Please ensure your correct email address is included in our application and use only one email account.

NOTE: User accounts are established for one person only and should not be shared with another person. Multiple applications with multiple users may jeopardize your status in the recruitment process for any positions for which you apply.

Candidates will be notified regarding their status as the recruitment proceeds via email through the site. Please check your email folders, including spam/junk folders, and/or accept emails ending with “” and “” If your email address should change, please update your profile at


Click here for additional Frequently Asked Questions.

For specific information pertaining to this recruitment, contact Joanne Li by email at

EEO INFORMATIONOrange County, as an equal employment opportunity employer, encourages applicants from diverse backgrounds to apply.

Senior Safety Specialist Supplemental Questionnaire

  • 1. INSTRUCTIONS: The information you provide will be used to evaluate your qualification for the position. Resumes will not be accepted in lieu of completing these questions. If you have no experience, write “no experience” for the appropriate question. Responses of “See Work History” or copying and pasting of work experience are not qualifying responses and will not be accepted in lieu of required information. By selecting yes below, you acknowledge that you have read and understand this application requirement.  Yes
  • 2. Select the answer that best describes your level of experience and education related to the knowledge and abilities required for this position:

PLEASE NOTE: If you are using education to substitute for experience, you must provide a legible copy of your unofficial or official transcript showing coursework directly related to the competencies and attributes required of the position. Applicants with college coursework completed outside the United States MUST submit an equivalency report from an accredited credential evaluation service. Please attach the supporting documentation to your application.

  1. I have at least two (2) years of experience as a Safety Specialist (previous title – Safetyand Training Officer) with the County of Orange.
    1. I have at least five (5) years of experience directly related to implementing andcoordinating safety programs.
    1. I have at least four (4) BUT LESS THAN five (5) of years of experience directly related toimplementing and coordinating safety programs AND a Bachelor’s degree in occupational health or industrial hygiene.
    1. I have at least three (3) BUT LESS THAN four (4) years of experience directly related toimplementing and coordinating safety programs and abilities AND a Master’s degree in occupational health or industrial hygiene.  None of the above
  2. 3. Education as Substitute for Experience: If you are substituting some experience with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in occupational health or industrial hygiene (if you have selected the third or the fourth option in question #2), please list any college-level or above degree coursework that you have completed. *A diploma or transcript MUST be attached in order to receive credit.*

1. The name of the college or university, and 2. The type of degree awarded and the major If not applicable, write N/A.

  • 4. Which of the following Safety and Training related certification(s) do you currently possess? Check all that apply. Please ensure to attach a copy of your certificate(s).

 Associate Safety Professional (ASP)

 Certified Safety Professional (CSP)

 Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH)

 None of the above

  • 5. Which of the following do you have experience and working knowledge of? (Please mark all that apply.)

 Lockout/ Tagout

 Confined Space Entry

 Machine Guarding

 Industrial Hygiene

 Enterprise Database Systems

 Contractor Safety Programs

 ADA Title II (Americans with Disability Act)

 Aerosol Transmissible Disease (ATD)

 Bloodborne Pathogens

 Chemical Hygiene

 Respiratory Protection

 Electrical Safety


 None of the Above

  • 6. Please describe your experience with each of the items you selected above. Include in your response, please specify how you have (a) applied it in your previous roles as it relates to this position and (b) your knowledge and experience regarding the topic(s). Generic responses will not be accepted – please be detailed. If you do not possess any of the experience in Question 5, please write “N/A”.
  • 7. Describe in detail your knowledge and professional work experience related to administering and implementing safety programs. In your response, please list the employer, years of experience, and the various safety programs you have implemented. If you do not possess this experience, please write “N/A”.
  • 8. Describe in detail your knowledge and professional work experience related to conducting safety inspections or hazard analysis and audits. In your response, please list the employer, years of experience, and the types of inspections/analysis/audits you have completed. If you do not possess this experience, please write “N/A”.
  • 9. Describe in detail your knowledge and professional work experience related to investigative techniques, such as root cause analysis (RCA). In your response, please list the employer, years of experience, and how you have investigated workplace injuries. If you do not possess this experience, please write “N/A”.
  • Required Question